Thank you to all the Project Green and Yellow Supporters!

16 Jan

Well, our season came to a quick, sad halt today.  While I know we are all very depressed, I loved spending my Sunday afternoons and occasional Monday nights with you all.  The Packers played very hard all season, and we have a very impressive record to prove that!  Special, special thanks to our Project Green and Yellow regulars, Ciera, Maggie, Vinny, Crystal, and Sonja:)

And Kim, I loved working with you!  We hope you are having an amazing time in South Africa, and we were sad that you weren’t there today!

Depending on our future plans, if we are still based in Milwaukee next year, Project Green and Yellow will be back next season!


P.S. There will be one more post on our experience at McGillycuddy’s in the upcoming week.  That should be a thrilling read with lots of beautiful pictures:/


Change of Plans: Join us at McGillycuddy’s Bar and Restaurant today at 3:30!

15 Jan

We have changed our plans and we will be heading to McGillycuddy’s Bar and Restaurant on Water Street for today’s Playoff game against the Giants.

McGillycuddy’s has $5 Bloodys, Mini-Pitchers and free touchdown shots.  There are $2 brats and outdoor tailgating, and you get to do the Gilly Leap, whatever that means.


1135 N. Water Street, Milwaukee, WI


New Years Day at Hybrid Lounge! Packers defeat the Lions, 45-41

15 Jan

We apologize in the delay for this post…We spent New Years Day at Hybrid Lounge on Brady Street, and while we had a great time at the bar, we were all exhausted and out of sorts from the night before.  Hybrid Lounge definitely came through on the free food, drink specials, and touchdown shots, and the bartenders were extra friendly, even though they had had a long night as well.

Hybrid Lounge

Hybrid Lounge is a gay bar located where Brady, Water Street, Van Buren, and Holton intersect.  The bar is relatively large with two rooms.  This was my first time at the establishment, but friends of ours have been there on Friday and Saturday nights and had only good things to say about their parties.  On New Years day, only one room was open for Packer viewing.  The bar filled up as the game went on, and the crowd was very diverse- I would say this was the most diverse bar we’ve been too this season in terms of age, race, gay, or straight, and the crowd interacted with one another and got very excited about the game.

Our last game of the regular season against the Lions was nerve-racking.  Aaron Rodgers sat this one out, and our rookies had a chance to shine.  Matt Flynn pulled through and helped get us another win.  We all said we were going to go home after half-time, but the game and the friendly atmosphere at Hybrid kept us in our seats for all four quarters.

During half-time, Hybrid came through on their promise of free food.  There were meatballs, chips, veggies, pasta salads, and other appetizers/snacks, and there was enough food for the whole bar to get seconds and thirds, which was much appreciated.  Our greedy table was the first in line and grabbed food as soon as the clock ran out at the end of the second quarter.  We apologize for our behavior, but we were starving:)

Half-Time Spread

There were drink specials.  Every Sunday, Hybrid Lounge serves $4.50 Bloody Marys, Mimosas, and Long Islands.  Crystal had a Long Island, Kim and I had Bloodys, and Ciera had a Mimosa.  There were lots and lots of Green and Yellow touchdown “shots” – as usual, they were more juice than alcohol but we always appreciate them being offered.

If you are looking for a fun, friendly place to watch the playoffs, I would recommend Hybrid Lounge on Brady.

Drink Specials: 

$4.50 Bloodys, Mimosas, and Long Islands on Sundays

Plenty of bright Green and Yellow free Touchdown Shots

Free Food?

Yes!! Pasta salads, meat balls, chips, and veggie platters.  Hybrid switches up the free food for every game, but there was a large spread on New Years day.


Friendly bartenders, diverse and welcoming atmosphere, good viewing- one large Flat screen and several big flat screens behind the bar as well.


New Years Day is a rough day to have a noon game, as demonstrated by the lack of photos. The bar did fill up quickly once the game started, but space wasn’t an issue.

Enjoy your Sunday! Today is game day already!


Hybrid Lounge

707 E. Brady Street, Milwaukee, WI


Join us at Hybrid Lounge to watch the Packers win their first game of the year!

31 Dec

PG&Y will be at the LGBT owned and operated Hybrid Lounge Sunday 1/1/11 at noon for the game against the Lions. $9 Miller bottomless cups and food. If you’re bout it bout it, you’ll be there. Hangover and all! Can’t think of a better way to start off the new year than with PG&Y!

707 E Brady St,

Milwaukee, WI 53202


Packers beat the Bears for a Merry Christmas at the Gallitz Household!

30 Dec

On Christmas night, the Packers came back from their devastating loss against the Chiefs to beat the Bears, 35-21.  Our record is now 14-1, but it is better to lose now than during the playoffs, and we really didn’t deserve to win that game.  On Christmas night, I watched the game at the Gallitz household.  Sean has been a close friend of mine since middle school, and last year we all watched the Superbowl with his family.  Sean’s parents are huge Packer fans and are also the most welcoming hosts I know.

Food: Delicious christmas food, but I was so full from my mom’s Christmas dinner that I couldn’t eat anything else.

Drinks: Eggnog, whiskey, tequila, Miller, PBR.


Packers get bombed by Kansas City Chiefs at the Bomb Shelter 12/18

19 Dec

This is what the 1 in 14-1 looks like

There really isn’t too much not to love about the Bomb Shelter in Walkers Point. Named one of the best places to watch a Packer game by, with friendly bartenders, interesting decor and 364 beers to choose from you’d be a snob not to find something you liked. However thanks to the embarrassing loss against Kansas City I will never be returning to the Bomb Shelter again.

I’m kidding of course but I will be engaging in an earnest quest to figure out the piece of the equation that contributed to the Packer defeat. It could be as simple an explanation as forgetting to put my lucky underwear on this morning but you better believe I will figure it out!

Not too much needs to be said about the actual game. We lost, it sucked, we were off the whole game, it was a charity case. At least our team gives to the less fortunate. It was there holiday pro bono donation. But despite our disappointment, the Packer party at the Bomb Shelter was still really fun.

Free food? An impressive spread of chili cheese dogs, cheese balls, and chocolate pastries. The perfect combination to a well balanced meal. There are so many places that do generous spreads for the game that I now refuse to go anywhere that doesn’t have grub.


Drink Specials? $1.50-$2 domestic can beers. And a raffle to drink free for a quarter. With every drink you purchase your name enters a pool and bartenders select a person to drink from a bottomless packer mug for that quarter. And our little Maggie won in the last quarter! (The time when everyone could have used a bottomless beer, or two.)

Free touchdown shots with a tuba serenade and chant! Defintely one of the biggest highlights to watching a Packer game at the Bomb Shelter that completely sets it apart from any competitor. When a touchdown is scored servers came around with apple pie shots (basically just apple juice with cinnamon, harmless but scrumptious). Everyone waits to take it until they get the ok- a Go Pack Go chant and a few good toots on the tuba. Charming and  invigorating.

Demographics: Mostly white. 22-50. Diverse in age.

Packer Hype Scale: 8 or 9. There was a good energy in the bar despite our looming fate. People were walking around, talking and eating with each other. The few good plays we made were responded to with great enthusiasm and the tuba shots were really fun.


+Fantastic beer selection for those willing to suffer through a cheap $1.50 Lacrosse to those ballers willing to spend $15 on a brew.

+ Free chili dogs which to me made the whole game worth it

+Great atmosphere

+Unique tuba shots

+Pretty good viewing of the TV screens

+Awesome Packer carpeting that took my mind off the game when I found myself crying on the floor


-We lost so unfortunately I’ll probably always attribute that to the bar and immediately weep the moment I return

Would we go back? With bells on.


Remy attempting to raise our spirits with his inspirational Muppet gloves

All I want for Christmas is the Packers to WIN!

The Bomb Shelter Bar

1517 South Second Street

12/18 Noon Game at the Bomb Shelter!

18 Dec

We know these noon games are early. But get your butt outta bed, stretch and come down to the Bomb Shelter Bar in Walkers Point for the 12/18 game against the Kansas City Chiefs. With a 364 beer list, halftime food and an anticipated win, it won’t be anything but worth it!


The Bomb Shelter Bar

1517 South Second Street

Oakland Raiders take a beating, and PG&Y takes a break!

14 Dec

A packer game just isn’t the same without Project Green and Yellow. Due to unforseen circumstances, homework, finals, a self BYE game, PGY took the week off. I took it upon myself to fill the void of my fellow packer bar hoppers and went to O’ Lydia’s Irish Pub ( on South Water street because as we all know, the game must go on.

And that it did. On and on and on. The game dragged on as the Oakland Raiders took a rough beating from the Pack Attack pretty much securing a 13th win in just the first half. There was no way the Raiders could bounce back in the second half from an already 31-0 blowout. They could have ended the game there, unless by some off chance the Packers started scoring touchdowns for the opposing team.
The blowout game didn’t kill the momentum in O’Lydia’s however, people were still hype, clapping, and cheering on their champions. With every touchdown came free touchdown shots, and there were quite a few touchdowns. I bet Raider fans in Oakland were quite sober for their game watching experience.
There weren’t just one choice of shot either, like in the other bars PGY has visited which either offered you mouthwash or kool-aid. O’Lydias had jello shots, and apple or butterscotch liquor shots. Yum. I just thought to mix the apple and butterscotch but I’m afraid it’s too late for that. Next time…
Along with free touchdown shots they had $5 Bloody Marys, $1 cans of PBR, and $2 Miller Lite drafts which also put you in the running for two free tickets to the New Years Day game  against the Detroit Lions. People were buying four beers at a time to increase their odds of winning and in return decreasing the quality of their beer, BUT, the Miller Lite girls had some patrons covered with their special glass schwag, a glass with special beer powers that bubbles from the bottom to keep your beer infused with Co2 levels to insure your beer will NEVER go flat! Not sure how legit that is because I forgot my prize winning glass at the bar (many touchdown shots later).
The Miller Littettes went around the bar giving away prizes to people who could answer their Packer and Miller Lite trivia questions. Who knew that Miller Lite only had 96 calories, or that meatpacking was the reason the Packers got their name? My friend did, and she won a t-shirt—her first official piece of Packer garb.
Who also knew that an Irish Pub would make such great Italian food! Yes that’s right, O’ Lydia’s had free food, and plenty of it! They had two types of lasagna—meat and mushroom and chicken alfredo, and garlic bread served on Marilyn Monroe’s face. I tried both and they were equally tasty, a lot of cheese though if you ask me. Lactose intolerant folks beware!
After the food rush, and feasting, the bar quieted down a bit, food comas setting in, and it was pretty much solidified that the Packers were going to win. Conversation distracted me from even realizing that Oakland had finally scored in the third quarter making it 7-31. People were pretty much sticking around to get their hands on those tickets, and one lucky lady ended up taking home the prize. What a way to bring in the New Year!  The game ended with a lucky 13 win for the Packers (14-46), and another fun packer party experience.
Drink Specials: $5 Bloodys, $1 PBR cans, and $2 Miller Lite ticket winning drafts
Demographics: Mostly white, but a good mix for a 5th ward crowd, also a good mix of older and younger fans. The staff reflected this as well.
Packer Hype Scale: Definitely a 7 in the beginning, there was no way I could miss a touchdown lost in conversation or daydreaming of Clay Matthews because the crowd roared every single time..until after the lasagna, the hype waning to a level 6.
+ free touchdown shots, and variety
+ drink specials and big winnings
+ trivia for schwag
+ a free home cooked meal!
+ festive atmosphere (there were Christmas stockings and decor all around)
– I forgot my magic Co2 cup
– no Project Green and Yellow 😦
But a 46-16 win for the Packers!
Would I go back?
Definitely, and especially since the crew couldn’t be there. I wouldn’t want them to miss out on such a fine gem!
O’lydia’s Irish Pub. 338 S. 1st Street Milwaukee WI, 53204

Project Green and Yellow is taking a break today:/

11 Dec

Dear Friends:

We are taking a break today because I have my last week of classes this week, and I have a million and one projects to do.  We also were under the impression that today was a noon game, which would have been a little more doable.  I know we said school and work wouldn’t get in the way of us watching games at bars, but we are going to have to sit this one out.

I will still be watching from home!  I have a new TV, and haven’t turned it on yet, so I guess this will make it worth it.  I hope everyone has a good day and take pictures of where you are watching the game!! We can post those instead:)



Last second Field Goal gives Packers 38-35 win over Giants (12-0!)

8 Dec

There are many things a parent is good for. Fixing a home cooked meal, reminding you it’s your Grandparents anniversary, but the most important thing I learned about my parents is that they are GREAT to watch the Packers game with. For Sunday’s (unbelievable) game against the Giants we invited our families to come out and celebrate our love of the midwest at City Lounge in Cudahy. My mom came looking stunning in her Packer earrings and the dad’s came equipped with their football expertise.Thanks to our newly developed sports edification, we now know more football terms than “field goal” and “touchdown” which is more than I can say for myself a month ago. That doesn’t mean I still don’t need to study. There’s something really bonding about watching sports with family members. It’s magic. It brings dysfunctional families to common ground and functional families to pure elation. Ah, there we have it- another example of the Packers power as social glue.

The game was crazy. Crazy crazy. I thought I was going to puke the entire time. From the first touchdown the Giants made to Mason Crosby’s winning field goal in the last second. The second win over the New York Giants apparently drew the highest television rating for a regular-season NFL game since 2007. Whoo! 12-0!!!

As for City Lounge, we were pleasantly surprised. Having pretty low expectations for Cudahy in general, we decided to go against all odds and try out City Lounge. My parents patronized the bar a couple times and really liked it. We heard they had free food for Packer games and some really amazing specials so we thought WHAT THE (cuda)HAY, lets try it.

Soup Buffet

The bar actually has a pretty interesting decor. Somewhere between Outer Space and the Old West (one of our friends incisively made the reference to Cowboys and Aliens– ZING!), City Lounge was charming and alluring, not at all what I expected from my South Milwaukee Suburb Prejudices. It seemed really put together even though there were disco balls hanging from the ceiling. One of the first bars in Milwaukee to go smoke free, they pride themselves on this fact (the website is and I think have been established pretty prominently in the Cudahy bar scene as pioneers during the smoke free debate before it became state mandated).

City Lounge is also the first and only place to sell III Dachshunds Beer & Cider™, a local brewing company named after yep, you guessed it, the owners love of Dachshund  dogs. Founder Joseph G. Halser IV claims the beer “carries on the small bold nature of the breed [of dog] and brew small batch, quality, handcrafted beer”. You should definitely grab yourself one of these unique Micro brews exclusively at City Lounge (I sound like their marketing intern don’t I? Hmmm, might be time for a career change!)

They’re also known for their great after work happy hour specials and martinis. The server was sweet and there were lots of cheap drinks.  Oh, And I forgot the most important thing- there was FREE SOUP!

Free Food? Taco Soup. Under the black light (yeah you heard right) the soup looked green but to our pleasant surprise when taken back to the table and more closely examined under “natural space” lighting we found it was bright orange. You know what that means- Nacho cheeeeese!!! The soup had some delicious ingredients hidden in the cheesy  thickness like potatoes and chicken and beans with a spicy flavor. Soups like that are specifically why I think the midwest is the best place to eat. We do NOT play around. Some of our friends said it was just ok, but I thought the soup was so much more than “just ok”.

We also got pizza and some wings, to which there was contention regarding quality. The crispy wing lovers weren’t impressed, while the soft wing lovers were. Different strokes.

Drink Specials? $2 domestic taps, $3 micro brews, $4 bloodies and $3 Jager bombs for touchdowns

Demographics: Cudahy people. Different ages but most 25/30+.

Packer Hype Scale: Probably 6 or 7. The game was insanely close. My dad made everyone at our table stand up for the last play, I guess to channel some positive energy. By the end of the game everyone  in the bar was biting their nails and clapping and screaming and praying to whomever above they believed could help us win.


+Cheap drinks

+ Free soup!

+ Great atmosphere

+ Raffles and game pools


-Unusually dark. I guess that’s what happens when you watch a game in space.

Would we go back? Yeah, I would like to go back for happy hour to check out their martini selection. Part of why I enjoyed the game so much was the entire atmosphere. The families who came out, all our friends, the incredible game and energy- It was such a great time.




City Lounge

3455 E. Layton Avenue, Cudahy, WI 53110 

Phone: 414-747-8408