The Official Launch of Project Green and Yellow

15 Sep

I grew up on the Southside of Milwaukee which as you can imagine means I was raised around diehard Packer fans. I’m talking my family practically banished our grandmother when she started cheering for the Vikings after Brett Favre’s trade shenanigans. But I was always too busy running in circles of snobbish anti-sports liberal art circles to realize how magical monday night football is. LAME. Why it’s taken me 24 years to embrace my rootz I will never know. But it’s too late for regrets. I’m now ready to embrace the power of the pack.

My packer partner in crime and I moved back to Milwaukee after years away at colleges (NYU and University of MN), and when we had returned to our hometown, the Packers greeted us with their Superbowl win and we were hooked. From a pop culture analysis, the unscripted drama of a football game (or any sports game) is as riveting as Sammy and Ron’s last break up/make up on the Jersey shore. And the community? The Packer’s bring people together like religion! Rich, poor. Black, white. Hood or hipster; if you’re from Wisconsin you know (or should know) what’s happening in Packerland. We truly feel it’s an important bridge in one of the most segregated cities in the United States. And that’s why we love it.

So this football season we’re combining our love for the community, socializing, cheap drinks, food and Clay Mathews by launching Project Green and Yellow; where for every game we’ll visit a different bar in Milwaukee hosting a Packer party. We’ll travel all across the city in search of the best Packer bar by rating things like degree of Packer enthusiasm, drink specials, crowd energy, etc., only spending $20 at each spot. We’ll post pics on the blog and gladly accept recommendations on places to hit up. Upcoming bars will be posted a week in advance so please join us in our journey!




One Response to “The Official Launch of Project Green and Yellow”

  1. Bali September 25, 2011 at 5:27 pm #

    Wish I could visit for one of the games! Sounds like y’all are gonna have another great season 🙂

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