15 Sep

Hi everyone!

My name is Megan and I will be reporting on Packer bars and parties with Kim this season!  Like Kim, I was born and raised in Milwaukee.  My dad is an avid Packer fan and has been forever (See the vintage photo below- he’s the one in the Packer jersey).  My mom is from New Jersey and moved to Wisconsin with her family when she was in high school.  Don’t hold this against them.  My grandparents, my aunts, and my uncle all love the Packers, and raised Packer families (my aunt and uncle have a dog named Nitschke).  My family in New Jersey are also Packer fans because my grandpa and his brothers’ high school football coach at St. Cecilia was none other than Vince Lombardi.  I wish I had the pictures to prove this.

In high school and middle school, I didn’t watch much football and didn’t really care about the Packers.  This kept my dad up at night worrying.  When I moved to New York, I put on for my state and repped the Packers hard but I don’t think I could even name one player other than Brett Favre, and maybe Aaron Rodgers.  I realized how much I was missing out on when I moved back to Milwaukee in 2009, and our 2010 Superbowl win made me officially addicted…and annoying I’m sure.  I am very excited about this season, and I can’t wait to go to as many Packer parties and bars as possible.  Like Kim said, please give us suggestions!  We have a running list but we are both new to the Packer scene and we don’t know what’s out there.

Enjoy your day!  Sunday is only three days away:)



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