Season Opener at Moct

16 Sep

Moct (pronounced Most) is a Serbian owned bar and maybe one of my top ten favorite places to be on the right night. Emphasis on the right night. When I think of the bar I think of high ceilings, Hip hop, break dancing, stilettos, art (even if sometimes it’s bad), and those cool red bathrooms that when I’m tipsy enough I always take the same mirror picture in. On their website they claim their  “Exceptional spirits are served in an atmosphere where people, music, art, architecture, design and ideas intersect and mix.” I’ve shown art here, know some staff, and always have a good time. However, other people that I’ve spoken to seem to have different relationships with MOCT. I guess I would consider it a smart neutral space where each event takes on a unique personality- it caters to every crowd depending on the night. Wednesday offers Salsa lessons, Sunday Latin dance, Friday usually hip hop, happy hour is naturally the downtown yuppy.

So to kick off our first Packer review (in fact where the idea was created) we hit up the Packer Season Opener at Moct where they played WHO DAT?! Da Saints!

Food? Free Burgers and Brats (that we missed).

Drink Specials? $5 Sailor Jerry, $3 Cake Bombs (what the…?) and $2 Schlitz

Demographics? Mostly white, 25-35, downtown corporate crowd- lots of button downs and highlights

Packer Hype Scale? 5 (We won 42-34 and I would have liked to see more cartwheels and handstands but HEY, it was a Thursday night)

Pros and Cons

+Great Sound

+Great Visuals. With two large screens side by side and a number of tvs behind the bar  we could see the game from any seat

+Fresh Air. With the warm weather, and always one of the highlights of Moct is the open garage doors, the breeze provided the space with a healthy and fresh energy (but we saw this as an obvious potential con later in the season when the winds start biting )

+Good Seating. We came in after halftime (whoops) and while the bar was full, after walking around for 5-10 minutes were able to find seats with a good view no problem.


– Loud, too loud maybe

– Hype factor was lacking. The crowd seemed knowledgable enough about sports, and attentive to the game but not as excitable as we would have wanted. This could have been the seating arrangement- all chairs and couches were facing screens forcing folks to pay attention- making it a both good and bad social experience

-Due to the this seating arrangement it wasn’t as intimate as we could have liked it. The conversations we had were WHOMP WHOMP. All were initiated as heterosexual hit ons by men. “You’re cute”, “Ok”, “You guys are pretty, are you here alone? Would you like to come in our Hummer for a Bachelor party?”, “Ummm”.

Would we come back? No thanks, probably not for another Packer Game. Not unless Motion Disorderz provides halftime entertainment.



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