Hotel Foster (GB wins against Bears 27 to 17) 9/27

27 Sep

If you’re looking for a place to drink absinthe and dance to Lil’ Wayne during commercials (or maybe you like innumerable cellphone advertisements to accompany your game?), Hotel Foster is your spot for a fun Packer party. The 1920 Victorian hotel lobby themed, “prohibition” atmosphere is as quaint as you imagine and the bar tenders are just about as cute as they come. The 7 month old bar (formerly Live) is known for supporting Milwaukee’s local art and music scene and have a really fantastic beer and cocktail menu. Plus drinks are served in mason jars which just feels downright wholesome.

We missed the previous weeks pig roast  and were a bit disappointed there wasn’t any food (you know ya girls like to eat). After several calls throughout the week to find out the haps for Sundays game we were informed there would be grub, only for my empty belly to be met with, well nothing. The bar welcomed a decent turnout, the monsoon probably had something (or everything) to do with crowd control. It wasn’t busy at all, in fact the space was pretty intimate which I appreciated and the viewing arrangement was good (huge screen with seating available around the bar and in what I’ll call their “VIP lounge”).

Food? None

Drink Specials? $2 Old Milwaukee is what I got, other cheap beers were available.

Demographics? Mostly white, 21-35 yr old, hipster AND “jock” types… I don’t know how to describe the crowd but it was diverse. I mean, fairly diverse. As diverse as you can picture Prospect and North getting.

Packer Hype Scale? 6. Packers won against Bears 27-17, there was maybe only 1 Bears fan (thank goodness) and the crowds response to plays was acceptably enthusiastic. Not too obnoxious. But after the game ended Green and Yellow reverberated on the sound system and folks hit the dance floor in celebration.


+Very friendly bartending

+Chill atmosphere

+Creative and tasty drinks


-Not specifically “Packer Party” per say, but it’s true that any bar is a Packer bar in Wisconsin during a game and Hotel Foster did a nice job of accommodating this

-No food 😦

Would we go back? Yes! Provided they work on their food situation.

Hotel Foster
2028 East North Avenue Milwaukee, WI 5320

(414) 988-4758

-Lil Kim


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