Cactus Club (GB Wins Against the Broncos 49 to 23)

7 Oct

Hi Everyone!

For last Sunday’s win against the Broncos, we visited the Cact

us Club in Bayview.  According to their site, the newly remodeled Cactus Club has an extensive and impressive Beer and Liquor menu, and in September, they celebrated their 15 year anniversary.  The front room of the Cactus Club has a large barin the center. There are only two TVs, but they are pretty big, and on game day, there are bleachers along the wall facing the bar.  This creative solution makes for a better viewing experience for everyone, and allows the bar to bring in more people.

  The bleachers also make it feel like you are at an actual game.  The back room of the Cactus Club was not being used  on Sunday, but the space is huge and is used for shows.  Throughout the bar’s 15 years, that room has been used for shows by The White Stripes, Death Cab for Cutie, Bright Eyes, etc. and lots of local acts.

When you arrive at the Cactus Club on Game Day, everyone applauds your entrance.  How many times a week do you get an applause?? I definitely liked this touch- it makes you feel very important and welcome. I didn’t get a close look at their beer list because I was craving a Blood Mary, but everyone seemed satisfied with their selection and the prices, and my Bloody Mary was decent.  It wasn’t the best Bloody Mary I’ve ever had and I had to ask them to add the side vegetables, but it was relatively spicy and it served its purpose.  I didn’t get a beer chaser with it.  This Blood Mary experience could have been because the bar was busy and there was only one bartender working before the start of the game, so I won’t hold it against them:) For every touchdown, there were free touchdown shots for the whole bar!

Project Green and Yellow Crew at Cactus Club

Food: There were chips and typical Midwestern football party dip, which I love.  We went across the street to Groppi’s and bought giant Paninis for very cheap.  The bartenders were fine with us bringing food in.

Drink Specials: Free touchdown shots!  They weren’t stingy with them either- the crowd was large, and the Packers scored a lot of touchdowns, but the bartenders kept the shots coming! Of course they were the usual free tounchdown shots- extra sweet and not very strong, but that was still very nice of them:) Cheap beers were also available.

Packer Hype Scale: 7.5-8.5.  I would say the crowd got very hype for Sunday’s game.  It wasn’t the most tense game ever, but everyone was excited throughout the whole game, and there were a lot of people there.  I think people were more nervous about the Brewer’s playoff game, which was going on at the same time as the Packer game.

Demographics: The crowd for Sunday’s game was not extremely diverse.  They were mostly white, mid to late 20s, early 30s. The crowd appeared to have a lot of regulars- the hipster Cheers of Bay View.

Pros: Great seating.

Good drink specials (free shots).

Hype crowd.

Personal applauses for everyone!


Cons: Not very diverse.

I also wish they would have had one TV that played the whole Brewer game, but they did switch over to it once the Packer game was over, so that’s nice.

***Kim and I called the Cactus Club on the Friday before the game to see if they have Wi-Fi.  We had heard that the bar fills up pretty quickly for Packer Games, so we wanted to get there early.  Being the nerds that we are, we had a lot of homework to do, so we were going to do work at the bar before the game.  They don’t have Wi-Fi yet, but they told us they are getting it soon.  So for those of you in school, or who have jobs that don’t end when you leave the office, having too much work or homework is no longer an excuse to miss a Packer party.***

Join us this Sunday when the Packers play the Atlanta Falcons.  We are looking for suggestions for future games, so please leave comments!


Cactus Club

2496 S. Wentworth Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53207



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