Fanatics: Packers win against Falcons (25 to 14)

11 Oct

I’d never thought I’d say, but I think it’s true: I’m a Fanatics fanatic!

The last minute decision to view Sunday’s 7pm game at Fanatics was indeed a wise one. Maybe it was the cold medicine, maybe it was the innumerable hot toddies (aka shots of brandy) or maybe it was the Fanatettes dropping it like it was hot during those annoying boy commercials but let me tell YOU; Fanatics is the place to watch a Packer game.

Now maybe you already know this. Most sports enthusiasts would regard this as yesterdays news. But for a newbie on the scene, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Fanatics opened in the fall of 2007 and has 42 high-definition screens, including a 180-inch video wall with “stadium” seating. It was voted by onmilwaukee as #1 Sports Bar in Milwaukee for 2009 thru 2011 and definitely deserves these praises as they are know for playing any game under the sun- baseball, basketball even UFC games. The staff (including the charismatic game’s MC Robbie) were friendly and accommodating and made the stay extremely enjoyable. The crowd was enthusiastic (as good sports fans SHOULD be) and the energy was high. There were a couple film crews from local stations reporting on the game.  We don’t want to brag but we DID gain about 4 seconds of fame on Fox 6 news. We made some new friends and may or may not have even bust out into the Wobble. That’s more action than I’ve seen all week!

Food: Fanatics is known for having bomb, fresh wings (40 cent Tuesday wing night) and homie got delish “Spiral” Chili cheese dog- weiner wrapped in bacon and topped with a variety of choices. No free food for the game BUT we did learn that every Sunday Miller sponsors a FREE breakfast buffet from 10-11am where you get a wrist band that provides sports fans with discounted Miller products all day. Sorry to have missed it, we WILL be back. Hook, line, and sinker- you know we likes ta eat 🙂

Drink Specials: Most drinks were NOT cheap. Not as cheap as we’ve gotten accustomed to at previous hipster bars we’ve been hitting up ($2 PBRs tends to spoil your wallet before you reenter the real world, or should we just say downtown bar scene). Our friend was astonished when she received her bill for an $8 Smirnoff and lemonade (yowza, but it’s Sunday…??). But there were many other awesome drink specials including $3 bombs, $5 bloodys and $15 beer towers (which certainly appeared worth the money).

Packer hype scale: 8.5-9. I think we were all stoked the Packers picked it up the second half and showed our appreciation. It was fun, what can I say. Plus the cheerleaders, er, excuse me, Fanatettes may have helped.

Pros: +Pretty diverse. Both in race and age. Culturally it caters to more of a sports knowledgable/college crowd, “bro” types (opposed to other spots we’ve visited- Cactus Club, Hotel Foster) but there really was a wide range of folks hanging together which was good to see.

+High energy crowd.

+Great viewing. We caught the tail end of the Brewers game (go Brewers!) and the bar emptied out pretty fast after the baseball game ended, we were worried it would be a dead Packer game. But low and behold the Packer Backers came out and brought the fun. Seating was still available with good access to any screen (there are quite a few), even after it filled up.

+Incentives! Free Prizes, cheerleading and green and gold beads! It was like being at a real game without the $12 beers and biting winds! Holla!


-Commercials were extremely loud for the first half, before the djs began droning them out with dance music.

-Expensive drinks if you weren’t into the specials.

Would we go back? Dur! And plan on it! Probably later in the season for a big game. Thanksgiving day when we play the Lions was a recommendation we received. All in all-  PG&Y was pleasantly surprised by Fanatics Sports Central!

-Lil’ Kim

Fanatics Sports Central

185 N. Jefferson
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 220-8336


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