Fanatics: Packers win against the Rams (24-3)

20 Oct

We cheated…We went to Fanatics for a second week in a row. While we were there the first time, we had such a good time, and we learned about some great early bird specials. Therefore, we have decided to change the rules. We are now allowed to repeat bars if we would like to do additional research. This is good because I have been craving McBob’s tacos for weeks.

On Sunday’s at Fanatics, they serve FREE brunch from 10-11. There is no catch! You don’t even have to buy a certain number of drinks to get food. It’s FREE! We all came to the bar with different ideas of what would be served. Dicker pictured a long buffet with pancakes, shrimp, and lobster. Kim thought it was going to be a continental breakfast with cereal and frozen muffins. The breakfast was somewhere in the middle. Fanatics served scrambled eggs, hash browns, and thick bacon (not crispy enough for me, which is ok because I know not everyone likes their bacon burnt the way I do). 

Because 11 is too early for most people on a Sunday, the bar was pretty empty before the game. We were able to sit in one of the booths in front of the big screen. Fanatics serves $4 Bloody Mary’s and $2 beers on tap on Sundays. We ordered the 100 ounce beer tower for $15. We weren’t very excited about it in the beginning, but we managed to finish two of them throughout the game, split between nine people. During the second half, we all ordered food. Our friend Harrison got the hot wings, Dicker got the garlic ranch wings and a chili dog, another friend of ours got the bacon chicken ranch wrap, and Maggie and I split the buffalo chicken wrap. The food was all really, really good, and we had the sweetest waitress ever!

Throughout the game, there were prizes and of course the Fanettes. While it is a fun touch for the bar to have cheerleaders, they should really learn how to do the wobble because the DJ has played it for them both weeks now, and they still haven’t figured out how to do it.

Free prizes from the Fanettes and early morning sunglasses!



Great bar food (meaning the food on the menu. The free brunch is good, but the food on the menu is really, really good.)

Good drink specials on Sundays.

Great service.

Definitely a sports oriented bar, so the crowd is pretty hype.


The Fanettes should learn the wobble.

The TV was a little loud. I don’t remember if they ended up adjusting the volume, or if we all just got used to it.


Fanatics Sports Central

185 N. Jefferson

Milwaukee, WI 53202


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