Packers beat the Vikings 33 to 27, could it be Karma?

25 Oct

Karma, it’s not just the law of moral causation!

It’s also a Bar and Grill downtown on Ogden and came recommended to PG&Y from and some sports fans we know. We heard they had unbelievable bloody Mary’s (there are some serious connoisseurs in the crew) and it was one of the best places the watch the game.

Well, they did have some outrageous Bloodys that’s fa sho. Probably the most beautiful works of alcohol art I’ve ever seen, the $10 drink came with a pretzel roll skewered by feta stuffed black olives, blue cheese stuffed green olives, a mozzarella stick, beef stick, pickled onion, lemon and lime. Impressed? You should be. Full? Yep that too.

As for the atmosphere: the crowd was chill. Really chill. Tables kept to themselves, certainly no mixing or mingling was had. This is not the place if you’re trying to pick up a boo on a Sunday afternoon.  Most of the patrons appeared to be catching up with friends, at a place that happened to play the Packer game. A couple times PG&Y was engaged in conversation and quickly looked up to a TV screen to find that the Packers had scored….  Ummmm, WHAT?! No hoot? No holler? No cheers to show your enthusiasm?? What’s going on PEOPLE!

Free Food? None

Specials? A Free (debatably tasty) Absolute shot from some shots girls, $5 regular Bloodys (which were very good- complete with a pickle and olives), $10 Extreme Bloody (with the works) and some other expensive food items that they tried to pass as “specials”. I’m sorry but no way in hell am I going to buy that $13 for a double cheeseburger and fries is a deal, especially not for $13.

Demographics? White, late twenties- mid thirties, an Ogden “Condo Crowd”.

Packer Hype Scale? 2. It was an incredibly close game, a nail biter! But you wouldn’t have guessed it by judging the response of these “fans”. Maybe everyone was hung over from a wild night on Water street, or perhaps this spot just caters to the casual Packer Backer, but I was shocked at the low morale 😦  We even tried planking on a table to get the crowd riled up but NOTHING!


+Chill atmosphere, if you’re looking to watch the game at a quieter sports bars without a bunch of young hooligans running around this is definitely your spot.

+Delicious Bloody Marys, some of the best.

+Free “Breakfast” shots from some cute Absolute promo girls. Butterscotch? Orange juice chaser? Hmmm.


-Not the best drink specials.

-No free food, not even any cheap food.

-No enthusiasm.

Would we go back? Probably not.




Karma Bar & Grill
600 E. Ogden Ave, (414) 220-4118


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