TJs Packer Backer: Packers win against the Chargers, 45-38

11 Nov

For Sunday’s win against the Chargers, we headed to TJs Packer Backer on 35th and Mt. Vernon Ave.  The bar was recommended to us by our friends Maggie and Megan W., who had seen the bar for years while driving along 35th Street.  Those of us in attendance at TJs Packer Backer unanimously agreed that TJs is the coolest place to watch a Packer game!

The Packer decor wins among all of the bars we’ve visited this season- in one room, there is a giant painting of Lambeau Field’s field covering the entire ceiling.  Along the walls, are hand painted murals of crowds at a Packer game, and framed pictures of players throughout the years, including a young Brett Favre on what must be one of his first Sports Illustrated covers ever.  The barstools were also off the chain- they all looked like giant Packer helmets!  There was also a giant inflatable Packer player that is blown up for games!

In addition to having the best Packer decor by far, I think TJs Packer Backer has my  favorite staff of the season- next to Fanatics of course.  Everyone was very sweet and welcoming.  TJs is a family owned and operated establishment.  The majority of the people at the bar seemed to be regulars- everyone knew one another but were still very open to newcomers.  The crowd was older- everyone seemed to be in their late 20s and up, and became more and more diverse as the night went on. It was really beautiful, the space completely embodied everything we love about working class Milwaukee culture.

I loved the crowd at TJs as well because everyone was actually watching the game!  This was a nice change after our experience at Karma, where I don’t think 3/4 of the bar knew a game was going on.  The crowd was paying attention and got excited and animated for plays.  The game was very nerve-racking towards the end, and it was fun to watch it with a crowd that cared.

I loved TJs Packer Backer, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an authentic, Milwaukee Packer bar.


-Very friendly staff!

-By far the best Packer decor in the city.  I want to decorate my house with those Packer helmet bar stools, and I loved the hand-painted murals.

-Cheap beers: Bud Light is 1$!! Miller High life was $3.  Everyone at our table stuck to beer for this game, but the bar looked like it was well stocked.

-FREE TOUCHDOWN SHOTS:) Minty fresh shots but they were free!

-Animated, excited crowd, which made for a more fun atmosphere.


-There was no food served at this game, but the bartender said sometimes they all order food in during halftime.  He had no problem with us bringing our own food in, which was nice.

I will definitely be back.


TJs Packer Backer

237 N. 35th Street

Milwaukee, WI



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