Embarrassing defeat for the Vikings at Major Goolsby’s. 45-7 game gives GB a 9-0 record.

17 Nov

This is probably the point in our review where I mention that I’m a big ol’ chicken wing fan. This was really the only reason why we decided to come to Major Goolsby’s (sorry, no offense) as we’ve heard from some reliable sources that they offer some of the best wings in Milwaukee. After 4 hours and a total of probably 60 wings later, I can say that quantity does in fact kill quality. I should have stopped after the first 10 wings, but I regretfully over indulged in an assortment of (pretty delicious) medium dry rub cajun flavor and a hot tobacco inspired cajun wing.I appreciated the crispiness of the skin, but in earnest they could have been a liiiiiitle crispier. And we thought the meat was, well slimy. But this is not a wing review. (Yet.)

The biggest draw of MG, besides the flappers, was the interior decorations.  The walls are adorned with autographed sports memorabilia, photos of the sports celebrities who have been to Goolsby’s, and lots of HDTVs (we counted 28 in the room weoccupied). An interesting little sports bar

museum! On their website MG states they  “show all the games and subscribe to all the premium sports packages – fans of many different teams peacefully coexist here in our family friendly atmosphere”. I don’t know how true that, we did participate in some regretfully snotty booing against the Viking’s pitiful touchdown, but I like their disclaimer of fandom inclusiveness . That’s what PG&Y is all about!

Free Food? Nope.

Specials? Free melon and lemonade touchdown shots served on luxurious foil covered baking pans (ah, beggars can’t be choosers). $2.50 domestics, $7 domestic pitchers and $12 pitcher/wing basket deal. 

Demographics?  Late twenties- mid thirties. Lots of different types of folks, but typically a downtown crowd.

Packer Hype Scale? 7. Good game, good crowd!


+Good energy

+ Free “shots” (of koolaid)

+Raffle for 2 tickets to the next Lambeau game! WE WON! (no, no we didn’t, but it was fun to fantasize)

+ Pretty good seating. There are TV’s everywhere (even outside for the smokers!) so you can get a good view from anywhere and even though the bar was filled there didn’t seem to be a shortage of seats.


-Annoying horn every time the Packers scored.

– I was craving a salad. I know that’s a stretch but there was nothing remotely close on the menu. I think there may have been deep fried green beans. I guess that should have satisfied my vegetable craving but surprisingly it just didn’t speak to me.

– Interesting texture of wings. And interesting is an adjective that should NEVER be used to describe wings. I digress.

Would we go back? Yeah sure!


Major Goolsby’s

340 W. Kilbourn Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53203. (414) 271-3414


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