Nuts for the Nut Hut, say it with me 10-0!!!!

21 Nov

Does it feel good to be on top or what?? Another amazing win for the Packers (35 to 26 final score against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) , and another great Packer party for Project Green and Yellow!

The Nut Hut has become a favorite amongst me and my friends as of recently. I fell in love with the place, one Friday night when the bartenders were feeling generous. We got free drinks and free love. Then Guerilla Grrl Bar Takeover  (a group of queer grrls & their allies take over a straight bar and claim it as their own for a night) seized the space for their November Takeover which was a giant success. ‘But I thought the Nut Hut was an LGBT bar?’ is what you’re probably thinking! Well it’s queer owned and operated and originally opened to serve the LGBT population but over the years has evolved into a neighborhood “LGBT friendly” bar.  Anyway the GGBT had a really successful night in helping the Nut Hut reclaim its space. So when we heard they had free food at halftime for the Packer game, we were sold. We knew we could rely on dirt cheap drinks and that we would be welcomed with open arms. So we hauled the troops out and were glad we did!

Free Food? YES!! Can you believe it!? Megan and I have been in search for food for 10 games now. PG&Y has had some really unfortunate luck finding Packer parties to provide the only thing we want: free frickin food. We would always hear from people about the (seemingly nonexistent) spreads at this bar, that bar… And on the day we chose to go, Op! they just happened to not be serving food that week. We were being to think it would never happen, until…. THE NUT HUT! Tasty  garlic bread, thin crust cheese, pepperoni, pepperoni and sausage and pepperoni, sausage and mushroom pizzas from Pepi’s Pizzas on Howell Ave.

Drink Specials? I think cocktails are around $3. We just got beer. $3 for a 32oz pitcher. That’s pretty darn special if you ask me.

Demographics: A wide range of South siders. From 7 y/o to probably about 75+ (yes they even have kids tending the bar, cool huh! No, jk but the owners family came with a child, playing pool, hanging out). White, Latino, Black. Straight, Queer. Good fun.

Packer Hype Scale: Probably 6 or 7. It’s a small joint and the fans got excited when they needed to. Not as excited as us, but there was a respectable amount of hype.


+Cheap drinks

+ Free food! And not just chips and dip but real live, fill your belly grub. Really sweet of them to do.

+ Diversity, strong sense of south side community

+ Raffle for a Packer Jersey in January.


-Not very many seats. There’s room at the bar and maybe 3 or four small tables . It was a small crowd though so it didn’t seem to be too big of a problem.

-Not the greatest view of the 3 TVs, but they did they best they could.

Would we go back? Definitely! The party was a lot of fun and we really love supporting the establishment. We recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good dive bar.


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