Oakland Raiders take a beating, and PG&Y takes a break!

14 Dec

A packer game just isn’t the same without Project Green and Yellow. Due to unforseen circumstances, homework, finals, a self BYE game, PGY took the week off. I took it upon myself to fill the void of my fellow packer bar hoppers and went to O’ Lydia’s Irish Pub (http://olydias.com) on South Water street because as we all know, the game must go on.

And that it did. On and on and on. The game dragged on as the Oakland Raiders took a rough beating from the Pack Attack pretty much securing a 13th win in just the first half. There was no way the Raiders could bounce back in the second half from an already 31-0 blowout. They could have ended the game there, unless by some off chance the Packers started scoring touchdowns for the opposing team.
The blowout game didn’t kill the momentum in O’Lydia’s however, people were still hype, clapping, and cheering on their champions. With every touchdown came free touchdown shots, and there were quite a few touchdowns. I bet Raider fans in Oakland were quite sober for their game watching experience.
There weren’t just one choice of shot either, like in the other bars PGY has visited which either offered you mouthwash or kool-aid. O’Lydias had jello shots, and apple or butterscotch liquor shots. Yum. I just thought to mix the apple and butterscotch but I’m afraid it’s too late for that. Next time…
Along with free touchdown shots they had $5 Bloody Marys, $1 cans of PBR, and $2 Miller Lite drafts which also put you in the running for two free tickets to the New Years Day game  against the Detroit Lions. People were buying four beers at a time to increase their odds of winning and in return decreasing the quality of their beer, BUT, the Miller Lite girls had some patrons covered with their special glass schwag, a glass with special beer powers that bubbles from the bottom to keep your beer infused with Co2 levels to insure your beer will NEVER go flat! Not sure how legit that is because I forgot my prize winning glass at the bar (many touchdown shots later).
The Miller Littettes went around the bar giving away prizes to people who could answer their Packer and Miller Lite trivia questions. Who knew that Miller Lite only had 96 calories, or that meatpacking was the reason the Packers got their name? My friend did, and she won a t-shirt—her first official piece of Packer garb.
Who also knew that an Irish Pub would make such great Italian food! Yes that’s right, O’ Lydia’s had free food, and plenty of it! They had two types of lasagna—meat and mushroom and chicken alfredo, and garlic bread served on Marilyn Monroe’s face. I tried both and they were equally tasty, a lot of cheese though if you ask me. Lactose intolerant folks beware!
After the food rush, and feasting, the bar quieted down a bit, food comas setting in, and it was pretty much solidified that the Packers were going to win. Conversation distracted me from even realizing that Oakland had finally scored in the third quarter making it 7-31. People were pretty much sticking around to get their hands on those tickets, and one lucky lady ended up taking home the prize. What a way to bring in the New Year!  The game ended with a lucky 13 win for the Packers (14-46), and another fun packer party experience.
Drink Specials: $5 Bloodys, $1 PBR cans, and $2 Miller Lite ticket winning drafts
Demographics: Mostly white, but a good mix for a 5th ward crowd, also a good mix of older and younger fans. The staff reflected this as well.
Packer Hype Scale: Definitely a 7 in the beginning, there was no way I could miss a touchdown lost in conversation or daydreaming of Clay Matthews because the crowd roared every single time..until after the lasagna, the hype waning to a level 6.
+ free touchdown shots, and variety
+ drink specials and big winnings
+ trivia for schwag
+ a free home cooked meal!
+ festive atmosphere (there were Christmas stockings and decor all around)
– I forgot my magic Co2 cup
– no Project Green and Yellow 😦
But a 46-16 win for the Packers!
Would I go back?
Definitely, and especially since the crew couldn’t be there. I wouldn’t want them to miss out on such a fine gem!
O’lydia’s Irish Pub. 338 S. 1st Street Milwaukee WI, 53204

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