Packers get bombed by Kansas City Chiefs at the Bomb Shelter 12/18

19 Dec

This is what the 1 in 14-1 looks like

There really isn’t too much not to love about the Bomb Shelter in Walkers Point. Named one of the best places to watch a Packer game by, with friendly bartenders, interesting decor and 364 beers to choose from you’d be a snob not to find something you liked. However thanks to the embarrassing loss against Kansas City I will never be returning to the Bomb Shelter again.

I’m kidding of course but I will be engaging in an earnest quest to figure out the piece of the equation that contributed to the Packer defeat. It could be as simple an explanation as forgetting to put my lucky underwear on this morning but you better believe I will figure it out!

Not too much needs to be said about the actual game. We lost, it sucked, we were off the whole game, it was a charity case. At least our team gives to the less fortunate. It was there holiday pro bono donation. But despite our disappointment, the Packer party at the Bomb Shelter was still really fun.

Free food? An impressive spread of chili cheese dogs, cheese balls, and chocolate pastries. The perfect combination to a well balanced meal. There are so many places that do generous spreads for the game that I now refuse to go anywhere that doesn’t have grub.


Drink Specials? $1.50-$2 domestic can beers. And a raffle to drink free for a quarter. With every drink you purchase your name enters a pool and bartenders select a person to drink from a bottomless packer mug for that quarter. And our little Maggie won in the last quarter! (The time when everyone could have used a bottomless beer, or two.)

Free touchdown shots with a tuba serenade and chant! Defintely one of the biggest highlights to watching a Packer game at the Bomb Shelter that completely sets it apart from any competitor. When a touchdown is scored servers came around with apple pie shots (basically just apple juice with cinnamon, harmless but scrumptious). Everyone waits to take it until they get the ok- a Go Pack Go chant and a few good toots on the tuba. Charming and  invigorating.

Demographics: Mostly white. 22-50. Diverse in age.

Packer Hype Scale: 8 or 9. There was a good energy in the bar despite our looming fate. People were walking around, talking and eating with each other. The few good plays we made were responded to with great enthusiasm and the tuba shots were really fun.


+Fantastic beer selection for those willing to suffer through a cheap $1.50 Lacrosse to those ballers willing to spend $15 on a brew.

+ Free chili dogs which to me made the whole game worth it

+Great atmosphere

+Unique tuba shots

+Pretty good viewing of the TV screens

+Awesome Packer carpeting that took my mind off the game when I found myself crying on the floor


-We lost so unfortunately I’ll probably always attribute that to the bar and immediately weep the moment I return

Would we go back? With bells on.


Remy attempting to raise our spirits with his inspirational Muppet gloves

All I want for Christmas is the Packers to WIN!

The Bomb Shelter Bar

1517 South Second Street


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