New Years Day at Hybrid Lounge! Packers defeat the Lions, 45-41

15 Jan

We apologize in the delay for this post…We spent New Years Day at Hybrid Lounge on Brady Street, and while we had a great time at the bar, we were all exhausted and out of sorts from the night before.  Hybrid Lounge definitely came through on the free food, drink specials, and touchdown shots, and the bartenders were extra friendly, even though they had had a long night as well.

Hybrid Lounge

Hybrid Lounge is a gay bar located where Brady, Water Street, Van Buren, and Holton intersect.  The bar is relatively large with two rooms.  This was my first time at the establishment, but friends of ours have been there on Friday and Saturday nights and had only good things to say about their parties.  On New Years day, only one room was open for Packer viewing.  The bar filled up as the game went on, and the crowd was very diverse- I would say this was the most diverse bar we’ve been too this season in terms of age, race, gay, or straight, and the crowd interacted with one another and got very excited about the game.

Our last game of the regular season against the Lions was nerve-racking.  Aaron Rodgers sat this one out, and our rookies had a chance to shine.  Matt Flynn pulled through and helped get us another win.  We all said we were going to go home after half-time, but the game and the friendly atmosphere at Hybrid kept us in our seats for all four quarters.

During half-time, Hybrid came through on their promise of free food.  There were meatballs, chips, veggies, pasta salads, and other appetizers/snacks, and there was enough food for the whole bar to get seconds and thirds, which was much appreciated.  Our greedy table was the first in line and grabbed food as soon as the clock ran out at the end of the second quarter.  We apologize for our behavior, but we were starving:)

Half-Time Spread

There were drink specials.  Every Sunday, Hybrid Lounge serves $4.50 Bloody Marys, Mimosas, and Long Islands.  Crystal had a Long Island, Kim and I had Bloodys, and Ciera had a Mimosa.  There were lots and lots of Green and Yellow touchdown “shots” – as usual, they were more juice than alcohol but we always appreciate them being offered.

If you are looking for a fun, friendly place to watch the playoffs, I would recommend Hybrid Lounge on Brady.

Drink Specials: 

$4.50 Bloodys, Mimosas, and Long Islands on Sundays

Plenty of bright Green and Yellow free Touchdown Shots

Free Food?

Yes!! Pasta salads, meat balls, chips, and veggie platters.  Hybrid switches up the free food for every game, but there was a large spread on New Years day.


Friendly bartenders, diverse and welcoming atmosphere, good viewing- one large Flat screen and several big flat screens behind the bar as well.


New Years Day is a rough day to have a noon game, as demonstrated by the lack of photos. The bar did fill up quickly once the game started, but space wasn’t an issue.

Enjoy your Sunday! Today is game day already!


Hybrid Lounge

707 E. Brady Street, Milwaukee, WI



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